More free activities on Kids Zone!

1decision Kids Zone Activities

To support children further, we are now adding more activities to our Kids Zone Page!

All our activities within Kids Zone are linked to well-being, relationships and health education.

Each of the activities can be downloaded and printed at home or school for children to work with!

Kids Zone already contains many activities including, colouring, counting, decision making and so much more!

Let's get children helping children

1decision Kids Helping Kids

Are you fed up with the negativity spreading over social media and the television?

Can your students help to make a difference?

We are looking for children to submit either a short video (around 30 secs), a piece of writing, or a drawing about one or more of the following:

• Top tips to stay happy in lockdown

• How to manage worry and anxiety

• Something that has helped them smile or laugh during lockdown

• Top tips to keep motivated to learn at home while schools are closed

1decision's Approach to Home Learning

1decision Home Learning

As we enter 2021, we at 1decision have been reflecting on everything we have created over the past year.

Despite limitations, we are so proud of what we have achieved, and we are thoroughly enjoying the positive feedback from schools, parents/carers and children.

1decision always strives for the best possible service to its schools and customers, and now that we face another lockdown, we have been working hard to create more ways for children to access our interactive lessons at home.

1decision Wins an Award!

Early Years Award

It has certainly been a strange and unexpected year for all, here at 1decision the team focused on using this time to create something new to share with schools when they returned.

We are so proud of what we have achieved in this difficult time and aside from our fantastic feedback from schools, in the first month back, our Early Years resource has received its first award.

Introducing our Kid and Parent/Carer Zones!

1decision are looking to support parents and carers by providing FREE materials, videos, and mindfulness recordings for home use. That is why we have launched our new Kids and Parents Zones.

We feel that many of the resources we have created to support children will be beneficial during this worrying time. Best of all, the resources will be completely free!

Safeguarding and Schools – The Importance of Prevention

Safeguarding and Schools: The Importance of Prevention title page.

'Millions of pounds are spent each year training adults to recognise safeguarding concerns amongst children. Schools and providers working with children invest heavily in resources, training, and time to ensure that all staff are aware of the danger signs and know what to do in the event of a concern being raised.

Body Image Empowerment in Young People

Young girl with her hand on a broken mirror

Concern and worries about appearance are commonplace among young people. One survey of 11-16 year olds in the UK by Be Real found 79% said how they look is important to them, and over half (52%) often worry about how they look.

Statutory guidance for Relationships Education and Health Education, which comes into effect in September 2020, ensures that every child is guaranteed a PSHE education that covers learning about safe & healthy relationships (including understanding consent and negotiating life online), physical health (including healthy lifestyles and First Aid), and mental health & wellbeing. With a growing number of young people affected by body image issues and concerns, and with age limit for those being affected dropping year on year it is important that education covers these areas.

1decision have gone global!

1decision employees Tommy Godbeer, Sarah Gammon-Carter and CEO Hayley Sherwood

Thanks to COBIS (Council of British International Schools), 1decision are now reaching schools across the globe. Within weeks of becoming supporting members of COBIS, schools in Hong Kong, Spain, Switzerland, and Dubai are now delivering the 1decision curriculum to their students.

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