Managing the Transition with 1decision

Blog title image of Managing Transition with 1decision by Liam Govey, alongside an image from one of our videos of Maya, her mother and a teacher from her new secondary school

Back in March, it was revealed that almost 1.8 million children missed at least 10% of school in the autumn term. This is an incredibly worrying statistic, which suggests that a lot of children may not have been adequately prepared for the adjustment to Secondary School.

It’s undoubtedly a huge obstacle to overcome for anyone, especially when the friends made in primary school may end up attending different schools. This is before even considering the need to adjust to a routine within a considerably bigger building. The worries are bound to pile up. What if I’m late? What if I get lost? What if I get into trouble for wearing my uniform incorrectly? What if I fall behind my classmates, or struggle to make any new friends?

These are all valid concerns, and we’ve surely all had them. They are universal and go beyond that initial first step into secondary education. From starting a new job, to starting university in an entirely different town or city, the initial steps into a new start that begin in Year 7 shape us significantly.

You may be reading this blog and wondering how 1decision – a company focused on primary and early years education – is relevant to the adjustment to secondary school, but child development is a lifelong process that should begin as early as is possible. Furthermore, our Primary portal for ages 8-11 deals specifically with the anxieties around moving up to secondary school.

The ‘Worry’ video in our Feelings and Emotions module sees Maya anxious about making the transition to secondary school. Students are encouraged to decide whether talking about this worry with her mum will be beneficial or otherwise. The alternative endings demonstrate the value of talking, in that Maya feels more at ease knowing that everyone will be going through the same period of adjustment to this new beginning.

The end goal for our work is to prepare children for their transition into Year 7. The programme goes beyond the expectations and provides ample opportunity to revisit topics, ensuring that children can achieve a deeper level of understanding as they make the transition to secondary school. The time and care that goes into our content enables us to offer not only quality lessons but a reduction in planning time for teachers.

The goal for all of us in education is to ensure children have the mental tools to overcome any barriers placed in front of them. Once the mental foundation is treated as a priority, the rest will surely fall into place. Thankfully 1decision is on hand to help with this transitional period.

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