Meet The Rainbow Drops

Meet The Rainbow Drops trailer out now!

Meet the Rainbow Drops is now available to view on YouTube and our website!

Not only this, but the animated series is now available to watch on our Early Years Portal, which has been designed to meet the needs of the Development Matters Framework and cover a number of key areas but, in particular, elements of Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)!

Students are guided through our Early Years resources by our colourful Rainbow Drop characters. Throughout these resources, the Rainbow Drops will go on many adventures and learn a lot about the wider world that they live in.

The EYFS area of the 1decision site will continue to grow over time and in direct response to the needs of EYFS and to any government policy changes and more importantly the needs of our children's society.

Our Rainbow Drops series has been beautifully animated by the talented Pearldrop Productions, who we have been working with for many years on our projects!

Our aim with the Rainbow Drops is to help educate children in an entertaining but stimulating way, something important when assisting with personal, social and emotional development.

Want to learn more? Click here for more information on our Early Years module!

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